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Sunset Beach NC

Sunset Beach is located in southeastern North Carolina just before Myrtle Beach along the NC/SC state line. The island is 3 miles long and was once accessible by the state's only floating pontoon bridge. This historic wooden bridge was replaced by the new "Mannon C. Gore" bridge. On January 7, 2011, the Old Sunset Beach Swing Bridge made it's last opening.

Childhood memories

Sunset Beach holds a special place in my early childhood. Our family owned a beach home on the island in the 1970's. The memories I retained were; (1) sleeping during the drive from Charlotte NC and noticing "sand along the road-side" and the "salt-water marsh smell" upon awakening. I knew we were just about there. (2) Hearing the "clank-ity clank" rattle of the wooden slats while driving over the pontoon bridge. (3) Crabbing along the salt marsh creeks without a sole in sight. (4) Walking to the Sunset Beach fishing pier (5) Playing in the white "sugar powder" sand while running back and forth as the waves chased me. (6) The total pitch-black darkness during the night. (7) finding a hermit crab, keeping it (without permission), and loosing it in the car. We never found the hermit crab but could smell it for weeks afterwards.